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Steve Grand - We Are the Night

 Song Written and Performed by: Steve Grand 


We cannot know a thing without first knowing its opposite.

 We cannot have a resistance without resilience — and who knows resilience better than the LGBTQ community? At this point in our movement’s history, we have fought systems of oppression and have shown that we are no longer victims, but leaders. But we mustn’t forget that our true enemy is not Donald Trump, but hate itself. It is only then that we can focus on our real weapon in this war: love.

In pain, I see a chance.

 In The Book of Joy, the Dalai Lama says the antidote to bitterness is finding purpose in suffering. So in this maelstrom of political mayhem, what is our purpose? LGBTQ people have overcome the pain inflicted on us by an unwelcoming society, and from that pain we’ve found pride in our identities. We’ve faced off with ignorance and found freedom, and after nine years of researching, practicing, and bearing witness to peace all over the world, I can tell you that the LGBTQ community stands tall among the giants of peace-building. That didn’t start because we were oppressed; it started because we exist. Now, once again, we get to show the world what our existence stands for. Is it the pain of the past or the peace of the future? 

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